Pro Football Picks – Revenge in Pro Football

I’m pretty sure you read about getting even many times in betting on sports, but does revenge, when we talk about football picks, have anything to do with profiting from NFL picks?

Well, it does sometimes, sometimes it doesn’t, just like in all other sports.

When looking at this kind of trends, i get it done starting with all games that suit that trend.

Making an examination at last 20 years at teams which lost in their last meeting with their contender and were favorites in their last matchup, you will observe that there is no advantage for teams that are on revenge. This is the fact in both situations whether last game was played in current or earlier seasons.

However lets have a look what happens if this matchup should be be soทางเข้าเว็บพนันออนไลน์ ufabet called “underdog revenge” i.e. if team failed to win that lost matchup as a dog. well, then that dogs get some advantage. (51.7% win against the spread). This is a not expected surprise, doesn’t it?

If we continue in our quest for favourable NFL football picks, and take a look at teams that are on a double “dog revenge” i.e. they failed to win last two matchups versus their opposition as a underdog, we get a money making info: in 53.7% cases, its gonna be smart move to bet on that team. Now this is even more surprising!

Now why doesn’t this work out like in some of other sports, when losing favourites get motivation in following matchup? simply because teams play small amount of games. And they are not excited and all heated up for a rematch cause so much time has passed.

Why do previous dogs become passionate about a rematch? Well, the truth is they truly aren’t all that excited to get revenge. Since my observations are made looking at a closing line odds, one and only explanation is: line movement. Required line movement is barely 1 point to get us this kind of benefit. And it is very likely because casual handicappers count too much on past encounters.